Take the risk out of claiming the R&D Tax Credit

The IRS is increasing their scrutiny of R&D Credit claims, but with Titan you can rest easy. Easy and inexpensive, Titan is a total solution – web-based documentation software plus CPA oversight – that costs up to 1/3 LESS than using a look-back consultant. And, unlike the numbers produced by consultants, it stands up to IRS audits. Call Titan and get started claiming your credit today.

The R&D Tax Credit: Offsetting your cost of innovation

The R&D Credit – What’s it all About?

What’s the R&D Tax Credit worth to you? Maybe more than you think! Watch this video series to understand how the R&D Tax Credit applies to your operations.


Who is Titan Armor?

We’re passionate about protecting U.S. manufacturing and technology jobs. We are in the trenches with the IRS and have the knowledge, tools and CPA network to maximize your R&D Tax Credit benefit.

Need Help?

Titan’s CPA partners provide the service component of the Armor Solution. Visit the partners page to see who we work with in your area.

Why Titan Armor?

1. Authoritative

Developed and supported by the foremost authority on the R&D tax credit.

2. Painless

Documentation takes only 60 seconds a day per employee … project defense takes only an hour or so per quarter.

3. Stands up in audits

Unlike surveys or questionnaires, Titan Armor meets all IRS and state agency requirements.

4. Inexpensive

Costs far less than using a consultant – yet stands up better to audit challenges.