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Software that captures and defends tax credits of US innovators.

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Do-It-Yourself R&D Tax Software. Say hello to Armor.

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Titan Armor merges proprietary software solutions with unmatched engineering and tax expertise – allowing clients to have a full coat of armor throughout the entire R&D Tax Credit process. Armor allows American innovators to make more money, reduce their tax bill and ultimately help fuel the American economy.

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How does the tax law work?

The only legitimate and defensible way to claim the R&D Tax Credit is to track costs spent on R&D-related tasks as they are done. This is called Contemporaneous Nexus, and it’s what the IRS wants to see when auditing R&D credits.

The only problem is – keeping track of R&D projects, labor, supplies, and contractor costs as it happens can be frustrating for both you and your employees. That’s why we built Armor – a cloud-based solution that makes it easy.

The R&D Tax Credit: Offsetting Your Cost of Innovation.

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Is the IRS challenging your R&D tax credit? Breathe easy. Titan Armor has more experience and more success with R&D audits than any other company in the R&D tax credit industry.


Titan Armor has 100% success rate on appeals.

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