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Fall Safety in the Manufacturing Industry

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Within the past decade, fall prevention violations are No. 1 on OSHA's list of most-violated construction standards, and they often result in tragic outcomes for workers and cost businesses a substantial amount of money and damage to their reputations. It is fair to say that the indoor industrial work environment – including factories, warehouses and manufacturing

6 Tips to Develop Young Partners at Small Accounting Firms

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Today, as thousands of small firms are bringing in younger staff as partners they are finding the whole approach to running their firms must change.  What are the most important practice management tips for small firms planning on bringing in new partners?  What must change? Commit to revenue growth. No one with talent wants to work at

Tech Advances Drive Manufacturing Investments back to U.S.

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Manufacturing at long last is enjoying a revitalization in the U.S. as companies from around the world invest in the country's operations – a key development in President Donald Trump's quest to make America great again. But presidential policies may not be the primary driver of the manufacturing shift back to the U.S. – and an industrial

7 Tips for Paying off Debt – From People Who Did It

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Millennials and many others find themselves in debt today. These tips can help get you get rid of some of that debt. 1. Make the most of every dollar Get inspired: Stephanie Stiavetti wanted to trade her tech job for a career in food and cooking, but $64,000 in student loan and credit card debt were holding

9 Tips to Increase Self-Efficacy in the Workplace

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Self-efficacy, or the belief in one’s ability to successfully execute a task, is directly tied to performance. Managers seeking to increase the performance of their team should engage in practices that enhance self-efficacy in their employees and teams. Below are 9 tips to help managers increase self-efficacy in the workplace. 1. Recruit applicants with high self-efficacy Careful hiring