Looking to Sell R&D Tax Credit Services?

Did you know Titan Armor can be your R&D Tax Credit “back office?”

If you’re a CPA, Financial Advisor or Consultant looking to expand your services and value, we can do the heavy lifting! All you need to do is make the introduction and we can handle the rest.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Offer R&D Tax Credit Services:

  1. Have robust conversations – expand your value and lead generation opportunities by having R&D knowledge under your belt.
  2. Help keep jobs in America – the purpose of the credit is to encourage American investment in research and development activities
  3. Recurring revenue – the credit can be taken every year by the client
  4. Meets all expectations outlined in the IRS Audit Techniques Guide – rest assured you’re providing top-notch service
  5. Remote audit support – Titan Armor has your back (at no additional cost)