How to Fill Out Form 6765 (R&D Tax Credit)

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To calculate the R&D Tax Credit, you need to complete IRS Form 6765 and include it as a part of your company’s tax return.  The challenge is, your CPA can’t do it without YOUR help – you need to give him/her your total Qualified Research Expenses (QREs). In addition, the Form can be a little

A Deeper Dive into Qualified Research Expenses (R&D Tax Credit)

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The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit is comprised of three main categories of cost that can qualify for the credit. The three categories, formally known as “Qualified Research Expenses (QREs),” include wages, supplies, and contractors.  QUALIFIED LABOR Qualified Labor is the portion of the company’s total labor expense (summed up on the Form W3)

What Determines a Qualified Research Activity?

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The R&D Tax Credit is an incentive to protect American jobs by rewarding companies who are constantly striving for the “next best thing” here in the U.S. From startups to mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500s, this tax credit is for those who innovate, create, and problem solves with American ingenuity. Form 6765 is often overlooked

5 Tips to Manage an Effective Team for Your Business

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1. Share your vision. When you begin onboarding workers, you must share the vision you see for your company. Many employers forget this step, only to find out later that the employee isn’t quite as invested in it as they had hoped. There are a couple of reasons you want to do this. When you